Placing the final piece in your global puzzle


This is what we do

Comfortable Wines provides commercial export management focused on quality wines . The business functions as a partner to the trading community in finding the right solutions to their long term needs. The excitement comes from products that are created by progressive people from vineyards and a variety of international wine companies.

Success is not built on a ‘Rosetta stone’ that fits all, rather by sustained work and focus for a select group of producers that are keen on long term positioning and relationships with assertive clients in profitable markets abroad.

Our partnership is the conduit from the brand to the trade as well as consumer in targeted sales and marketing activities. Recognition of distribution potential and brand building opportunities are the foundation of our collaborations. Intuitive and researched understanding of the needs and beliefs of the markets will drive growth to our community of selling wine.

          email: marcel@comfywines - telephone: + 1 707 812 4081